Recycled Plastic Polyethylene film

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Recycled Plastic Polyethylene film

?what is recycled polyethylene film

Recycled polyethylene films constitute a large portion of the global PE market, which accounts about half of PE demand in developed countries, and it is even greater in developing countries. Most polyethylene films demand is for packaging with a short lifespan and virgin materials. Thus, polyethylene films can be a good source of recycled plastics. Hence, using proper recycling techniques and machinery it would be a profitable market both for recycling facilities and for plastic part producers. The industrial and residential post-consumer film is primarily collected at certain locations such as farms, retail stores and industrial parks which is consist of a mix of materials including LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, and multi-layer films. Depending on the market demand the recycler may separate this product and use wet or dry recycling systems to process this material. Recycled polyethylene films can be a cheap and stable source of materials which can make great added value and extra profit in polyethylene industries.

Recycled polyethylene film applications

Recycled polyethylene films can be employed in many applications for manufacturing plastic injection parts of extrudate products. In PE masterbatch industries especially for producing color masterbatches or highly field masterbatches like carbonate calcium polyethylene masterbatch using recycled polyethylene films is a competitive way to reduce expenses and increase profit without losing quality. Polyethylene granules from recycled films can be completely colorless or containing the low dosage of colors base on the recycling resources, however, the mechanical properties of this granules are very close to virgin PE grades. These granules can be employed in another process like film blowing, blow molding, thermoforming, hollow part injection molding, calendaring or any other polymer molding process, which requires high melt strength and good .flowability of polyethylene beside high mechanical properties

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