About us


History and Objectives

Iranian Ista Polymer Sharif Company (IRPolymer) was established in 2016 in the growth center of the Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute of Iran.
According to the increasing need of domestic industries for industrial polymers and the problems to meet this need, he started working with the aim of providing materials and industrial solutions, and in the second step, he focused on nature-friendly technologies in order to supply materials. Air biodegradable polymers and the production of heat-consuming polymers needed in low consumption electronic industries expanded. This company, relying on the technical knowledge of young Iranians and a hardworking team, has always been on the path of expanding the necessary new technologies for the industry.
Currently, Ista polymer Sharif offers suitable industrial strategies to prevent corrosion and store various industrial fluids. In this regard, besides having a strong portfolio, it has also succeeded in obtaining a knowledge-based certificate

Consultation, Design, Construction/Implementation

Design and construction of integrated or precast (SMC) tanks, pipes, and composite fittings (FRP/GRP)
Design and implementation of corrosion-resistant coatings (glass lining, fluoropolymer lining, FRP, rubber lining)

Design and construction of PE and PP tanks and equipment
Design and construction of modular precast galvanized tanks and glass-lined modular connections

Implementation of epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane floor coatings, and moisture barriers
Implementation of polyurea coatings (polyurea)
Implementation of industrial hard cement-based floor coatings, hard concrete
Implementation of thermal insulation coatings, sound/vibration insulation, and nano fireproof coatings
Implementation of tank and pool waterproofing projects
Implementation of corrosion-resistant ceramics and tiles

Productions (resin/paint)

Epoxy resins, polyurethane, hybrid polyurea
Various types of polyurethane foams
Various types of anti-corrosion sealants
Various types of thermal insulation, sound/vibration insulation, and nano fireproof paints
Decorative resins