Calcium carbonate masterbatch

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Calcium carbonate masterbatch

?What is calcium carbonate masterbatch

Calcium carbonate masterbatch or CaCO3 masterbatch has several parts. CaCO3, polymeric resin (LLDPE carrier), small amount of processing additives (wax, Stearic acid) and coupling agent (maleic anhydride based resin). CaCO3 masterbatch produce by means of tandem type extrusion or twin screw extrusion.

Calcium carbonate masterbatch applications:

Calcium carbonate masterbatch is widely used to decrease the production costs of Polyethylene based films. Most of polyethylene films are using as shopping bags. Such a kind of polyethylene bags has a short life.

Calcium carbonate masterbatch benefits

In addition as Calcium carbonate is mineral filler which can help to reduce the amount of polymer consumption and entering less amount of synthetic material to environment.
Carbonate calcium masterbatches base in PE or PP is widely used to manufacture plastic parts. Carbonate calcium can reduce material prices, improve pressure modulus, and weather resistance. There is no need to modify or change processing machines ( extruders, injection machine and …) to use carbonate calcium masterbatch and there would be no need to change significant changes in process settings. Carbonate calcium does not affect polymer transparency in low dosage. Improves release of film layers in film blowing machine so there would be lower demand for using anti-block and slip agents. Improves sealability and welding of Polyethylene films. Decrease extruder torque and increase output of machine so the energy cost per kg of products will reduce. Decrease the use of color masterbatches.

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