Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Blow Molding

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Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Blow Molding

Recycle PE blow molding bottle

Recycled plastic PE blow molding application has a great market in whole world. There are several hundreds ‎of polyethylene bottle types are producing by using blow molding processing. The consumption of PE base materials in increasing in whole world day after day. Recycling and producing high quality thermoplastics can rescue whole wolrd from such a kind of big challenge. Recycled plastic PE blow molding can add to base virgin PE material in order to decrease the total costs of end products. Recycled PE blow molding grades have the potential in order to use in compounding or masterbatch production processings. Recycle department in IRPolymer, has a great experince, instrument and technology in recycling of PE base materials.

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Recycle PE which applicable in PE blow molding mainly supply from blow molding bottles. Blow molding method is a kind of melt processing which changing the PE melt to blow molded parts. There are several thousands ‎of PE blow-molding machines in companies. PE blow molding have different type of application in milk, oil, chemical ‎and pharmaceutical plastic packings . Processing of polyethylene can decrease the mechanical properties of PE. IRPolymer can modify the properties (processing and mechanical) of PE based materials in order to make them possible to reuse in high contents.

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