Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Pipe

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Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Pipe

Recycled PE pipe

Recycled polymer is the major concern of our planet in next decades. Recycling of polymers can help the to rescue the world. Recycled plastic PE pipe with new technologies is one of the best ways aspect of economy and environment. Recycled plastic PE pipe can help us to use such a kind of valuable material to use again in same application or lower class products. Totally PE grades can recycle several times. Recycled plastic PE grades which applicable in pipe industry like PE80 or EX3 has almost the same considerations. Using the best grinders and Extrusion lines and addition related processing polymer base materials can even enhance the properties of PE 80 grades to some extent.

Producing of PE80 recycle granules ‎and using such a king of recycled polymers with virgin materials is possible. Decreasing the total amount of costs of end pipe products is one of the major reasons for using of recycled plastic PE pipes. IRPolymer can supply up to 500 MT of recycle PE pipes in IRAN monthly. High quality and the potential for engineering of PE80 grades by nano base materials provide a great amount of consumption in final pipe products for our customers. MFI : 0.5-0.6 g/10 min (190°C/5 Kg) & OIT >20 with natural color.

Such a kind of PE recycled materials can use in multi layer corrugated pipe and single layer pipes.

Recycled plastic PE pipe supplier

Recycled plastic PE pipes can change to granule in order to use in corrugated pipes and single layer PE pipes. Proving high quality PE pipes with improved properties by nano base material is our expert. IRPolymer can supply high quality PE 80 or EX3 for pipe extrusion. Using high quality extrusion lines and best recycle materials jointing with nano base technology helped us to provide the best quality recycled plastic PE pipes. PE80 or EX3 are too much sensitive in the aspect of extrusion. Using recycled material is possible beside the virgin material in order ro produce high quality pipes is possible. IRPolymer recycle PE compounds can decrease the final price of pipes. Such a kind of PE granule compounds can use for swag transmission systems or one line PE pipes. IRPolymer is one of recycled PE pipe supplier (PE 80 or EX3) in middle east which can supply different types of PE compounds specially PE pipe compounds. Mechanical and processing modification of PE pipes can provide a great enhancement of properties for PE pipe compounds. MFI: 0.5-0.6 g/10 min (190°C/5 Kg) & OIT >20 of such a kind PE compounds can make a great potential for using PE pipe grades even as a raw materials. IRPolymer has a great quality control mechanism‎ in order to check related properties of PE based materials. Recycled PE pipe granules have 20 kg packing with laminated PE/PP bags.

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