Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection

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Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection

Recycled plastic PE injection

Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection : There are several types of plastic materials in order to recycle in whole world. Polyethylene is one of the most important plastics which daily recycle. One of the most important areas which we can use plastics like PE is in injection molding parts. Using high quality polyethylene raw recycle can reduce the total amount of finished products. PE injection molding parts with recycle parts can make a high added value. In addition using recycle PE can help environment to be green.
Mechanical properties of Recycle polyethylene can improve by means of several additives in order to increase their consumption in final products.

Recycled plastic PE injection application

Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection have several application in plastic industry. Physical and mechanical properties of recycled plastics can tuned up by means of different types of additives and plastics. Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection cannot use in food contact applications mean while it is possible to use recycled PE in automotive industry, construction industry or any other area which FDA policy doesn’t need to consider.
Recycled plastics PE injections usually pack in 25 kg bags and coproduce in different colors and mechanical properties. In the case of recycled polyethylene the MFI of PE usually is more than 4 g/10min. Meanwhile, lower MFI can use in other area such as film blowing and blow molding industry.
Recycled PE for injection molding parts can produce in different colors base on customer order. Finding natural color grade for recycled PE is something difficult. Recycle PE which is using in injection molding parts cannot use in areas with high creep properties. Addition on raw PE to recycle PE can enhance the mechanical and physical properties of final products.
Recycled Plastic Polyethylene Injection molding process can provide a great chance decreasing the pollution of world by plastics. Recycled PE which can be use in injection molding parts can shape simply such as on grade PE. PE can recycle more than 6 times in industry.

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