PP masterbatch

PP masterbatch

Masterbatches are highly concentrated polymer based materials which has a great consumption in polymer industry. Polypropylene masterbatch ( PP masterbatch ) have different types. Polypropylene masterbatch as CaCO3 filler masterbatches, as a color masterbatches and as functional masterbatches have a great consumption. Addition of such a kind of fillers to base polymer (PP co-polymer & PP Homo-polymer) would be big challenge for polymer masterbatch producers.

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PP masterbatch production

Addition of polypropylene fillers to polypropylene base usually takes place by melt processing in twin- screw extruder. Fillers in melting stage would be completely dispersed in molten polypropylene and caused a homogeneous mixture after cooling down the temperature. Processing of PP masterbatches has great challenges compare to other polyolefin masterbatches.
:PP masterbatch application
Polypropylene masterbatches can use in different types of polypropylene products. Film industry, raffia industry, injection molding parts, pipes and sheets.
Polypropylene/CaCO3masterbatchs can decrease final costs of products. Addition of 50 up to 80% of CaCO3 filler to polypropylene material can change them to highly filled masterbatchs. Addition of PP/Calcium carbonate masterbatch to films or sheets can decrease the final product costs. We should consider that addition of Calcium carbonate powder to final product, using different type of compatibilizers in base polymer should be happen.

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