Thermal conductive compounds

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Thermal conductive compounds

Polymers are thermal insulating material. Thermal conductive polymers are opening up new area for heat dissipations in electronic heat sinks, automotive industry, waste water desalination, heat exchangers and evaporators. IRPolymer has a great experience in order to produce thermal conductive compounds. Thermal conductive polymers dissipate the heat by irradiation and conduction mechanisms. This is the reason that such a thermal conductive polymers can perform similar to metals up to 250 °C. Thermal conductive polymers have higher chemical resistance and higher specific mechanical properties in comparison to metals.

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Thermal conductive compounds have lower price in comparison to metals and ceramics. In addition these compounds are recyclable and have lower food print.
The main method in order to produce thermal conductive compound is using extrusion method. Polymer pellets and fillers would be completely mixed by means of melt blending. Attendance of high amount of thermal conductive fillers would make a big processing challenge. IRPolymer is well specialized in balancing the costs, processing and performance of such a kind of polymer compounds. All of the compounds can produce by injection molding and extrusion process. IRPolymer can produce thermal conductive materials based on polyolefine (PP) and engineering plastics such as PPS and PEEK.
IRPolymer has the potential for designing related material based on thermal requirement, chemical requirement and mechanical properties. In the next step IRPolymer would produce related thermal conductive compound in lab scale for industries. IRPolymer can produce different types of thermal conductive compounds based on the industry needs. Cooperation with different universities and institutes would make IRPolymer as one of the key sectors in this industry.
Electronic wastes become one of the biggest challenges for next decades. IRPolymer recent research is focused on Bio-degradable thermal conductive compound. These types of thermal conductive compounds are produce based on PLA.

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