Polyethylene masterbatch

Polyethylene masterbatch

Polyethylene masterbatch introduce

Polyethylene masterbatch divides to several types. In order to produce high quality material, compounders need to use different types of polyethylenes. LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE & ULDPE mainly blend in order to have optimized properties of products.

IRPolymer have been access to different types of high quality recycled polyethylenes and well known in Middle-east in this filed. IRPolymer export made a huge amounts of benefits for polyethylene based producers and offer a great chance for having a green world. IRAN has a great market and high quality polyethylene producers. PE compound for pipes (high pressure and low pressure or corrugated) , PE compounds for films ( shopping bags and FFS), PE compounds for blow molding goods, PE compounds for injection parts can supply from IRPolymer company.

Polyethylene masterbatch advantages

PE compounds produce with regards to the last technologies. Sorting lines, crashing, washing and extruding lines are all in the highest quality. After production of polyethylene compounds, all types of mechanical and physical tests will be done on polyethylene compounds.

Application of PE compounds: Polyethylene compound for Film blowing, Polyethylene compounds for Injection molding parts, Polyethylene compounds for Pipes and profile, Polyethylene compounds for sheet extrusion, Polyethylene masterbatch for blow molding, Polyethylene compound for masterbatchs (color masterbatch of black masterbatch).

.Tests on polyethylene compounds: MFI, OIT (Polyethylene compounds for pipes), Ash content, Tensile strength, Elongation at break, color, granule size

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